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Forum rules.

This is a hacking forum, dedicated to all the various aspects of computer and technology hacking in the true sense of the word. As hackers, we don't want to be seen to be perpetuating or supporting the myths and lies surrounding the hacker community as spread by the popular media and ill informed members of officialdom who would rather we didn't exist.

Hacking is about learning about and using computers and other devices in ways they were not necessarily intended to be used. Hacking is not about breaking into other peoples' computers or networks, defacing websites, spreading viruses and worms or otherwise making a nuisance of yourself. If you do any of these things then you are a criminal and will not find a warm welcome here.

Before posting into this forum, we ask you to read and abide by the following rules. They are designed to ensure that all our members are able to benefit from the use of this forum without falling foul of the law or casting the hacker community as a whole in a bad light.

This forum is moderated and those who choose to ignore or otherwise flout our rules will be punished in such a manner as we see fit. Do not test us in this regard, you have been warned.

* No elitism. This is place where we can all learn from each other. No matter how 31337 you think you are, you will always find someone who knows something you don't. Even the greenest n00bs in the world can sometimes surprise you by asking questions that make you think of new ways to do things. Remember: We are all on the same team.

* No flaming and no name calling. You will treat other members with respect at all times.

* No crackz, no serialz, no warez. 'Nuff said.

*Do not under any circumstances post personal information about any person at all on these boards.
Any such breach of this rule will result in a instant ban of your account. This rule may only be waived if it is authorised by a member of The Hackers Voice and only under specific circumstance.

* Pornographic material "NOT SAFE FOR WORK"
Do not post pornographic images or any material which could be reasonably considered "Not Safe For Work" in-line with your posting. If the image is merely "Not Safe For Work," then you are allowed to link to it, provided that you clearly label it as such. If in doubt, link it and label it.

* Do the research before asking how to do something. This forum has been active for a long time and there is a very good chance that someone has already asked and answered your question. You should also remember that Google is your friend and you will get a lot more respect if, when asking how to do something you are able to list the things you have already tried. We are not here to spoon-feed anyone and you will learn a lot more if you invest some of your own time and energy in solving problems for yourself.

* The stupidest questions are those that remain unasked.

*Under no circumstance may a member of the forums offer or give in exchange for information or guidance any form of money or payment. Whether this be done via the forums or PM'ing system. If a member breaks this rule, an instant ban will be invoked.
Furthermore if any members receive a offer for money in exchange for guidance or service via the forums PM'ing system it is your duty to report this to the forum moderators and/or admin's.

* Do not ask us to hack anything for you. We will not tell you how to compromise your ex-girlfriend's e-mail account and we will not do it for you. Nor will we help you deface you school's website or get root on your school's network. If you want to do any of these type of things then it is your own business and we don't want to know about it.

* SPAM, useless posting
Links posted in any forum other then the links forum will deleted or edited if it is not in line with the topic.
For example. ?heres my site xxxxx? will be removed if it is posted in any forum except the links section.
Do not post referral links of any kind. Do not obfuscate your links with tinyurl; the forum software will automatically truncate your link's appearance.

* It's good to share and we encourage you to post any exploits or vulnerabilities you may have discovered in order that we can all learn and benefit. This helps the community as a whole since knowledge allows us to better defend ourselves. However, we would prefer it if you would refrain from posting exploits, vulnerabilities or passwords for specific websites. In other words; don't drop anyone's docs. This would be a Bad Thing™ for you to do, and jeopardize the rest of the community.

* No plagiarism. We have all been around the block a few times and we will know if you are trying to big yourself up by stealing the works of another. You might not get banned for this but you will be made to regret it when you are exposed as a fraud.

* Do NOT rely on the PM or member email system for confidentiality. Do not put any personal information into this site that you wouldn't share with the rest of the world. Do not use the same password for this site as you do for ANY OTHER SYSTEM, especially not THE EMAIL ACCOUNT YOU USED TO SIGN UP. Be responsible for your information disclosure. If your docs get dropped, because you used the same password for this forum and your email, ebay, facebook, myspace, whatever account - that isn't our problem.

* Enjoy yourself!

The Hackers Voice© Admin Team.